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    The Story of Norman, the Tom Cat Who Returned from the Grave (sort of)

    "Omigod, dear it's....it's....it's ZOMBIE NORMAN!"

    Stunned family who thought their cat Norman had risen from the dead realise they had buried WRONG pet 24 hours earlier
    A stunned family who thought their pet cat had come back from the dead just 24 hours after his funeral realised they had buried the wrong animal.

    Mother-of-two Karen Jones, 48, of Ashford, Kent, was heartbroken when she spotted what she believed was her missing black tom Norman dead at the side of a busy road.

    A passer-by then told the family that the creature had been hit by a passing car and killed instantly.

    The tearful owner scooped up the dead animal, convinced it was her beloved two-year-old pet, because it was the same size and had the same coloured fur and eyes.

    Her son Harry, 22, spent two hours digging a grave in the back garden before the whole family buried the cat with Norman's favourite toy mouse.

    After the hour-long ceremony they then set a black porcelain cat on top of the grave as a head stone. But the next day the family were amazed when Norman scampered into their kitchen - and ate his breakfast.

    Shocked Mrs Jones believed her cat had come back from the dead and ran outside to see if he had dug himself out of the ground.

    It was only when she found the grave still intact she realised they must have buried the wrong cat. She today made a sombre appeal to try and trace the owner of the cat - still buried in her back garden.
    much more at Daily Mail link, including photos of Norman, thinking this all goes to show the superiority of a fighting tom when compared to, say, mistake-prone sentimentalists of the human species

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    Nothing to see here, move along...
    (I'm just relieved that the buried cat is, apparently, quite dead)

    There's nothing wrong with being sentimental about our wee fuzzbutts. I though the funeral was pretty neat. A great tribute for a (not-quite) dead kitty.

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    Is this how the belief that cats have 9 lives got started?
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    Norman is legendary now!

    Of course I am sad for the poor kitty who died but was thankfully given a great funeral and has a place of honor in the yard, complete with kitty statue. They may never know who the unidentified kitty his but he now rests in peace.

    I imagine Norman is enjoying his fame, getting lots of attention and generally ruling the roost.


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