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    AZ - Rickesha Burns arrested for sexually abusing 2-year-old relative, 2013


    PHOENIX -- A Valley woman accused of having sexual contact with a 2-year-old relative has pleaded not guilty to charges of child abuse and sexual conduct with a minor.
    Rickesha Burns, 21, entered her plea during an arraignment on Wednesday.
    More articles: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/45...y-sexually.htm


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    I'm just speechless. Surely she'll never get a third chance with this child.

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    Disgusting and evil, poor innocent baby Any updates?
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    I'm going to have to sit on my hands on this one.

    poor baby

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    What the H is wrong with people? Omg!

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    He was her son. It was a vibrator.


    A Phoenix woman is accused of shoving a vibrator into her 2-year-old son's anus, and doctors told police that surgery will be required to remove it.
    Police interviewed Burns, who still claimed that a teenage boy at a park did it, even though she "believes it is her vibrator," and police found the boy's blood on her shirt, according to court documents.

    The boy was slated to have surgery to get the vibrator removed, according to court documents. Police say the injuries around the boy's anus appear to be caused by a hanger, or similar object, being used in an attempt to get the vibrator out.
    Sick b****
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    I can never wrap my head around how someone can do something like this to their own child. Some people just shouldn't have children. And that's all I will say on the matter, because everything else I want to say is certainly not suitable for here.

    The one thing that blows my mind about this though, is how did she expect to get away with the 'park' story. Obviously she knew what they were going to find in this darling little boy, how did she think she could explain that away? Disgusting woman, I hope she's locked up for a very long time, and never has access to this poor child again.

    The poor little darling. I hope he makes a full recovery, and can be placed with a family that love him and look after him as real parents should.
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