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    The Carolina's

    OH - Katlyn Shope Williams, 14, Galion, 26 March 2013

    olice said a missing teen from Crawford County has been found dead in a house in southwest Columbus.

    Katlyn Williams was reported missing from Galion on March 26.

    Last Thursday, the 14 year old was found dead in a house on South Wayne Avenue in Columbus.

    A coroner's autopsy could not determine a cause of death.

    The girls’ father, Bob Williams, told 10TV that his adoptive daughter snuck out her bedroom room, and he had not heard from her since that day.

    “She had been communicating with someone online, I'd rather not say who they were," said Williams.

    He said that person drove her from her Galion home.

    “I do know the person who she was with," said Williams.

    He added that he felt she might be in danger.

    Williams said that he has no idea why she went to Columbus or who the people were that she was staying with.

    “She was 14-years-old, and healthy, and there was no reason for her to up and die,” he said.

    Authorities are now waiting for toxicology results and information from a rape kit to be returned from the medical lab.

    Snipped: http://www.10tv.com/content/stories/...ound-dead.html

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    Errrr.. she's 14. Runs away, with someone from the internet. In MARCH??? And the father KNEW who she was with?

    So WHY did police (seeing that she was "reported missing") not recover his daughter, and charge the obviously ADULT person who drove her away with kidnapping, or something?


    Something's very off about this one..

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    Did I miss something? Did father report her missing? Or since father knew WHO she was with he assumed she would be okay??! More to this story!

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    Possible drug overdose..


    At 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Columbus police were called to 542 S. Wayne Ave. on a report of a girl not breathing.

    Still NO charges being filed. So this 14-yo former foster child is driven away from her home by an adult, and turns up dead by a possible drug overdose and NOBODY is to blame for that, right? Nothing illegal went on, especially not in the house where she overdosed, right?

    Katlyn was a MINOR. People knew who she was with for TWO MONTHS. And now she's dead. I hope all the people who dropped the ball for this girl get what they deserve, but as things are looking now, it doesn't seem ANYONE is being held responsible for her disappearance or death.

    It's sickening. Poor child, rest in peace.

    I wonder where her parents are, in all this...

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    Authorities said Katlyn Williams was found dead Thursday, but aren't offering many details of her death.

    Bob Williams became a foster parent to Katlyn when she was six, and eventually adopted the girl. He said he was surprised when she sneaked out of her bedroom window on March 26.

    The Crawford Co. sheriff said the girl was picked up by a family member that night. Williams said he feared his daughter would not return home safely.


    The adoptive dad doesn't come across as particularly broken up by her death.. I can't imagine reacting so casually to the death of a child I'd cared for since she was six.

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    More details:

    Kent said through the investigation it was learned that a family member from Richland County had driven Williams to a residence in Columbus on March 27.

    Kent said Columbus police checked that residence, but Williams was no longer there.

    “She had talked to her biological mom the night before she ran away and told her she was going to run away,” Kent said. “The biological mom tried to talk her out of it. It was believed that Katlyn was heading to Norfolk, Va., from Columbus to be with her mother.”

    Her adoptive parents had recently decided to home-school Katlyn. I wonder why?

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    Hasn't there already been child abductions in Pittsburgh/Cleveland area this past year or so.
    I never followed them up, but IIRC the cases were all young teenage girls leaving their homes to meet an online friend. Some of the girls turned up, but as I say I never followed up on the cases..
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    From the marionstar article upthread:

    A missing persons report was filed with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office on March 27. The notification also was entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

    “Her adoptive father, Bob Williams, and Kris Shope reported that she was last seen the night before around 10 p.m. at home on March 26,” said Crawford County Sheriff Scott Kent. “We took the report at 7 a.m. the next morning and followed footprints away from the home.”

    Kent said through the investigation it was learned that a family member from Richland County had driven Williams to a residence in Columbus on March 27.

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    She deserves justice.

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    Okay, so as far as I can make this out....

    - Katlyn left the house through her bedroom window on the same evening as stating to her birth mother on the phone that she intended to run away. The birth mother says she discouraged that action.

    - Police were contacted by the adoptive dad Bob (aka 'Orville E.' ) Williams at 7am when she was discovered missing.

    - It was discovered at some point that an unnamed "family member" drove her away from the house, to somewhere in Columbus.

    A member of whose family, though? Her adoptive dad, her 'other dad' (Shope), or her birth family? And WHY? Why did Katlyn wish so badly to run away? And WHY on earth would a family member consent to helping her do a late-night flit out of the bedroom window? And why isn't this person being charged with anything?

    - Katlyn stayed at a house in Columbus for two weeks, but by the time police found that address she was already gone.

    WHY are the people living in that house not charged with anything? Isn't it illegal to remove/hide a child from their legal guardian?

    - Katlyn was weeks later found dead at a different Columbus address.

    This case is a bit strange on several levels. I'll be watching for updates!
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    Holy crap! I just came across this case now, but please tell me how a 14 year old girl goes missing for 2 months and this hasn't been high profile? I feel nauseous.

    What has this poor child gone through????

    Thank you Kaylynn for starting this thread. Thank you Ausgirl for posting on this thread, as upsetting as it is.

    Please take this source with a grain of salt:


    Perhaps this is better?:

    “She was 14-years-old, and healthy, and there was no reason for her to up and die,” he said.
    That's what her adoptive father has to say? This 14 year old didn't 'just up and die'! What the heck?

    Something really stinks here and this poor child deserves better from us as society.

    14 years old. Missing for 2 months. No one cares. Ends up dead due to 'overdose'. Totally unacceptable.

    Sorry, vent over (for now).

    I'm so sorry Katlyn. You didn't even have a chance at life.

    Rest in peace Katlyn. My heart breaks for you.

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    Who was 'the family member' and why aren't they under arrest?
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    And I apologise if this is a bad thing to say? But (is it just me or...) is Katlyn's adoptive dad SMILING and looking quite relaxed and nonchalant during his media interviews? If a child I'd raised from age six went missing and turned up DEAD I'd be devastated. If it happened to ANY child in my care, for however long, I'd be inconsolable. I wouldn't be freakin' smiling at a camera and sounding like I'd lost a wallet, not a kid.

    My feeling is, there's a ton to this story that isn't in the media, regarding Katlyn's adoptive parent and birth parents both...

    In any case, dear sweet girl, rest in peace.

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    This case is UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Poor girl...

    A family member drove her away?

    Step-dad so non-chalant?

    she wanted to run away... And told her birth mother the very night she disappeared?

    I have some specific people I would LOVE to "Interview"...KWIM?

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    Unfreaking believable. WHY was this child's disappearance swept under the rug.

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