Investigators arrest alleged robbers after finding a coin trail leading to their porch

APPLETON, Wis. (AP) An officer investigating a robbery at a store was checking outside for footprints in the snow when he noticed a quarter.

"He walked a little further and saw another coin, and then a little further he saw another one," Appleton Police Sgt. Pat DeWall said Tuesday.

Officers followed the trail south for four blocks, then turned west for a block, with the number of coins increasing as they proceeded including a full roll of dimes at one point, he said.

Eventually, they found several coins on the front porch of a home.
Two of the home's residents were arrested.

Among the items missing from the store were nine cartons of cigarettes and a $785 in bills and coins. DeWall said the burglars loaded the stolen rolls of coins into a milk crate before they fled and speculated that some of the rolls started breaking apart and the coins fell through the slats.