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    Australia - Robin Hoinville-Bartram, 19, & Anita Cunningham, 18, QLD, July 1972

    Anita Cunningham* that's meant to be! Not enough room in the header, sorry!

    From various media sources:

    Two teenage girls - lured by adventure and just a year apart in age - set off from Melbourne in July, 1972, lugging their camping gear, to begin the trip so many had innocently done before them.

    Four months later, remains were found protruding from a shallow grave under a bridge at Sensible Creek, about 80km west of Charters Towers.

    Just how Robin Jeanne Hoinville-Bartram, 19, wound up buried in that remote dry creek bed with two shots to the head from a .22 calibre rifle - her college friend Anita Cunningham, 18, missing - has haunted both of their families for four decades.

    Despite police investigations, an inquest, media reports and a hefty $250,000 reward that remains unclaimed, detectives have not laid charges over Robin's murder and Anita remains a missing person.

    -- http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/d...-1226619752807

    Hoinville-Bartram and Cunningham were two of seven female hitch-hikers who were killed in Queensland between 1972 and 1976. Police have not ruled out that the women may have been the victims of a serial killer. Information indicated the pair, who began their journey from NSW's Hume Highway, had gone to Darwin before travelling to Mount Isa. Police have been examining the movements of backpacker killer Ivan Milat when the pair disappeared, but also are interested in Arthur Stanley Brown, who was charged in 1998 with the murder of two Townsville schoolgirls in 1970.


    Ms Bertram said she had also heard Ms Cunningham had been writing to school friends.

    She suspected Ms Cunningham, who was 17 at the time, vanished without a trace because she was protecting her friends and family from a notorious criminal she believed was responsible for Ms Hoinville-Bartram's death.

    John Andrew Stuart, 33, was arrested for the infamous Whiskey Au Go Go fire in Brisbane Fortitude Valley where 15 people died after the nightclub was fire-bombed in the early hours of March 8, 1973.

    Ms Bertram said Stuart was in Pentland in October 1972.


    Other links:


    (Sharron Phillips) is only one of a number of women to go missing or found murdered in that area, whose killer/s have never been found. They include the Gold Coast Hitchhiker Murders of Gabriel Jahnke, a Goodna girl and her friend Michelle Ann Riley, who were killed in October, 1973, Lorraine Wilson and Wendy Evans, killed October, 1974, while hitchhiking from Brisbane to Warwick or Toowoomba, Margaret Rosewarne, killed May 1976, hitchiking from Surfers Paradise to Burleigh Heads, and Robyn Hoinville-Bartram and Anita Cunningham, killed July 1972, hitchiking north from Cooloongatta to Bowen. The disappearance of Julie-ann Gallon from Riverview on 2 August 1990, may be connected to the same killer/killers of Sharron Phillips. Her body, like Sharron's, has never been found.



    There's just an incredible number of women who go missing (and aren't found) and/or are murdered around the Gold Coast and along the highways north and south of that strip...

    There's this cluster of deaths in the 70's, and then a pile of them in more recent years too.

    On the case at hand -- interesting that some believe Anita's alive and in hiding - but for 40 years? I hope so, as unlikely as it seems, I hope she had a good life, if she did survive.

    May these and all the other missing/murdered women get justice soon.

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    I have spent a rainy afternoon and evening here on the Gold Coast reading so much about this case & others. I couldn't believe how many murders there were in the 70s. I remember the Truro Murders and having nightmares about stranger danger at school but wow. Thankyou for adding this.

    This is Anita's doenetwork profile.


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    dizz, I spent a bit of time the other night on Google maps, just doing a 'find directions' search of all the sites where women were murdered/went missing along the Gold Coast/Brisbane region.. and they all line up. Ofc, that's probably just because major highways are easy pickins for predators, but it was terrifying to see all the dots in a row.

    Makes me wonder just how many serial killers have focussed on that area..

    I had my own experience with a predator and hitching on the way to Lismore (around Ballina) in the late 80's. I feel very fortunate to have been let out of his car (which had no inside handles, except for the creep driving..). God knows what could have happened to me, I feel like a right idiot for hitching, now I'm older and wiser. But hitching around Aus was such a 'done thing' back then..

    So many young lives cut short, grieving families. I can only hope a few of the perps are still alive and will one day face jail for what they've done.

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    Queensland’s Wolf Creek?Has a serial killer been hunting victims on this remote h'way - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community

    Queensland’s Wolf Creek?Has a serial killer been hunting victims on this remote h'way


    DOES a serial killer stalk an outback stretch of road infamously dubbed the “highway of death”?

    As police investigate fresh leads in the 32-year-old murder mystery of hitchhiker Tony Jones, the spectre of a thrill killer hangs over at least 11 unsolved cold cases on the Flinders Highway.

    “It is it’s own world out there,’’ said the missing man’s brother Mark Jones.

    “Strange things do happen in those wild empty spaces.’’

    The Flinders Highway that turns into the Barkly Highway is an isolated, remote 800km stretch of bitumen between Townsville and Mount Isa.

    “This could be the work of a thrill killer.’’

    Like serial killer Ivan Milat and Falconio killer Bradley Murdoch, a hunter stalks his prey on an isolated highway, he said.

    “It is a lonely abandoned road in the middle of nowhere.

    Hitchhikers Robin Hoinville-Bartram, 18, and Anita Cunningham, 19, also disappeared along the Flinders Highway.
    Robin was shot twice in the head and her skeletal remains were found west of Charters Towers in July 1972.

    Anita was listed as missing but police believe she was killed with her friend.
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    April. 2013 article:

    Ann Villiers, who acts on behalf of Robin's family, recently submitted her completed 79-page dossier on the case to the Premier and Police Minister.

    She believes she has uncovered "crucial new information" that sheds light on the girls before they set off on their ill-fated trip and raises doubts over aspects of the subsequent investigations.

    The dossier includes the original police running sheet that was obtained under Freedom of Information laws and Ms Villiers' list of people that were allegedly never questioned by police.

    Everything I have posted at this website, past or present, represents my opinion or my understanding of events based on facts that are publicly available.

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    Did anyone watch Sunday Night? Bumping because it would be good to discuss the show.

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    I did and I firmly believe anita is still alive and is Jody Borland. The resemblance is undeniable!

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    Anita Cunningham disappearance: Family still wait for answers 42 years later

    August 06, 2014

    DAVID Cunningham was on an adventure of his own when his sister left on hers.

    He and a mate had taken their motorbikes and hit the road, riding through country Victoria. It was the 1970s and they were footloose and fancy-free.

    His sister Anita had also set off with a friend. Their father dropped her and her college mate Robin Hoinville-Bartram, 19, on the side of the Tullamarine Freeway so they could hitchhike out of Melbourne to visit Robin’s mother in Bowen.

    Travel wasn’t punctuated by a stream of social media posts in the 1970s. There were no mobile phones so children couldn’t check in with their parents each night.

    But at some point, in mid-1972, the Cunninghams began to worry about their 18-year-old daughter

    Robin Jeanne Hoinville-Bartram........................................... ....Anita Cunningham


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    You couldn't pay me to set foot in Australia. Is Ivan Milat possible as a suspect?

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