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    NV - Bently Olsen, 1, shaken to death, Las Vegas, 19 May 2013

    ugh, another case where a young one dies after CPS involved numerous times


    Olsen was hospitalized with severe head injuries. The Clark County Department of Family Services was notified of the injuries on May 19. Olsen died on May 27.

    There have been no charges filed at this time but Bransen Locks was arrested on unrelated charges during the investigation.

    CCDFS received two prior reports for Olsen's family of alleged child abuse. However, charges were not filed in either case.


    In the report, officials were alerted of the child when the baby was unconscious under the care of an adult. A description of the report said the child's injuries were not consistent with what medical personnel were told.

    Las Vegas Metro police said Wednesday the child's injuries were considered suspicious.

    CPS also took another relative out of the home on Sunday but did not disclose that person's relation to the victim.

    Despite no prior history in Clark County, the report states the family was investigated for two prior incidents in Nye County in 2008 and 2010. Both cases were closed after allegations of abuse went unfounded.


    Olsen's caregiver was identified Wednesday as Bransen Locks, 36. Locks had been reported to child protection authorities on two other occasions. He was cleared of the charges both times.

    picture of Bransen Locks but can't find a photo of Baby Boy Bently


    his recent arrests here


    nmate Location & Arrest Information
    Charges Resulting from Arrest on 05/19/2013

    Detention Facility: CCDC
    1.Theft, < $650Counts: 3Bond: $0.00
    2. Poss Drug Not For I-state Commerce Counts: 1 Bond: $0.00
    3. Contempt Of Court Counts: 1 Bond: $500.00
    Charges Resulting from Arrest on 02/03/2013

    Detention Facility: CCDC
    1.Take/poss Veh W/o Owners ConsentCounts: 1Bond: $2,000.00
    2. Possession Of Unregistered Firearm Counts: 1 Bond: $1,000.00
    Charges Resulting from Arrest on 10/04/2012

    Detention Facility: CCDC
    1.Embezzlement (vehicle)Counts: 1Bond: $20,000.00

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    Rest in Paradise little Bently. May justice be swift and severe against those who harmed AND those who failed to protect you!

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    The other name I plan to use for a boy if I ever have one.

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    July 2013:

    Bransen Locks, 36, who was in custody on unrelated arrest warrants, was charged with murder in the death of Bently Olsen after police said he caused injuries to the boy consistent with shaken baby syndrome...

    police said they immediately knew that Bently had suffered a serious head injury.

    A firefighter who was in the ambulance said Locks was inconsistent in how he answered their questions on the way to hospital. By the time police arrived at the hospital, Locks was nowhere to be found...

    Officers arrested Locks on outstanding warrants after they found him hiding in a crawl space underneath his house around 5 a.m. on May 19, the report said.

    Locks’ mother, who initially called 911 the morning of the incident, told police that “it’s been a rough year with him and his drug problem,” mentioning that she suspected him of using “crystal meth,” the report said.

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    July 2013:

    The police have also charged Locks with causing substantial harm to Bentley’s sister.

    Doctors told police the little boy had head injuries, including abrasions, and his injuries were consistent with being struck or shaken.

    The boy was rushed to University Medical Center Las Vegas with what first responders described as severe head injuries, including bleeding on the brain and a 'noticeable midline shift of the brain.' Medical personnel also noted a red abrasion on the top of the boy's head that appeared to be 'very recent.'

    The injuries, doctors concluded, were consistent with shaken baby syndrome.

    Bently died from his injuries a week later...

    Locks - who already was behind bars for unrelated, outstanding warrants - has been charged with one count of murder and two counts of child abuse, including causing substantial mental harm to the boy's sister.


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    August 2013:

    While the District Attorney's Office has filed a complaint charging Locks with first degree murder and two counts of child abuse, the cause of death won't be known until a brain and spine analysis comes back from a lab in California.

    Until cause of death comes back the case is in limbo.

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    It looks like Bransen Locks was officially charged on July 11, 2015 with first degree murder and child abuse/neglect with substantial bodily or mental harm. He's due to go to trial on May 23, 2016 at 9:30 am.


    He was first arrested on May 19, 2013 so I'm not sure why he was charged in 2015. Maybe the DA took it to the grand jury? Ah well, at least he's going to stand trial for his acts.

    Rayemonde, thanks so much for keeping on top of these cases!

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    June 2014 -

    Preliminary hearing.

    Preliminary Hearing Held (Judicial Officer: Sullivan, Diana L. )
    Continued preliminary hearing State's Witnesses: Jeremy Hendricks tesitified under oath and identified the defendant in open Court. Cynthia Sauchak testified under oath as well as testified as witness for Defense while on the stand. State Rests. Defendant Advised of His Statutory Rights and Defendant Waives the Right to call further witnesses or testify on his own behalf. Defense Rests Both parties make closing arguments...

    Motion to Exclude Witnesses by State and Defense - Motion Granted States Witnesses: Meena Vohra Testified under oath Courtney Strong, Cassandra Hamilton, Karen Henriquez testified under oath and identified the defendant in open Court. Officer Samuel Bonner testified under oath...

    Case bound over.


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    A jury trial is due to begin 05/23/2016.


    Court case number C-14-298536-1
    State of Nevada vs Bransen Garret Locks

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