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    Mexico - Thirteen people abducted from Heaven bar, Mexico City, 26 May 2013

    Been seeing this at the top of a lot of my newsfeeds. I suppose "missing people in Mexico" doesn't raise too many eyebrows, but apparently this one has been especially troubling and their families are very concerned.

    (CNN) -- They went missing in broad daylight -- forced into a van at gunpoint. Eleven young people, one only 16 years old, just vanished from Mexico City's popular Zona Rosa entertainment district. That's what their relatives say as they pressure officials to do more to help them.

    It's a mystery that's hit hard in Mexico City, a metropolis considered relatively safe from the violence that torments other areas.

    More here:

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    Hidden grave may hold clues to missing Mexican youths

    Mexico City (CNN) -- A clandestine mass grave found near Mexico City may hold the answer to what befell 12 youths who were kidnapped from a bar in the capital back in May.
    Federal investigators swarmed a ranch east of Mexico City on Thursday, where they confirmed that at least seven bodies had been found, and that two arrests were made near the location.

    A lawyer representing the families of five of the missing, however, told CNNMexico that he received a call from a source who said the bodies of the youths may be found there. The lawyer did not reveal his source.

    The apparent kidnapping of the 12 youths from an after-hours club called Heavens shocked residents of Mexico City, who for the most part have been spared from the violence seen in other areas.

    The lawyer, Ricardo Martinez, said his source told him there were 13 bodies found at the ranch, possibly in two mass graves, one that held the remains of the males, and the other, the females.
    “Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” -- Terry Pratchett

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