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    UT - Chanse Drew, 2, found dead in murder-suicide, 9 June 2013

    While the police are investigating this as a murder suicide, the family feels VERY strongly that it is NOT.
    Out of respect for the family, I did not include that unproven assumption in the title.

    Dad's facebook is here, Grandpa's can be found through it and he is commenting on the case:


    Pictures and some facebook posts here:


    Comments - many supporting the belief that this was an accident.


    Police said Bryson Drew did not have a history of drug abuse, mental illness or alcohol abuse.


    The deceased individuals were transported to the State of Utah Medical Examiner's Office where autopsies will be performed.
    The cause of death for the child will be determined by the Medical Examiner’s Office.


    Police said there have been no previous incidents requiring the attention of law enforcement at the residence or with Bryson Drew.


    Neighbors remembered seeing Bryson Drew and Chanse playing together, riding bikes and four-wheelers.
    The father and son appeared to have a good relationship.


    The child was found in a bedroom on the main floor of the home with blunt force trauma injuries, Johnson said.

    The boy's father was found in the basement of the home with a single gunshot wound to the head.


    Bryson Drew's father, Delbert Drew, described his son as a devoted and loving father who never so much as spanked his son.

    "Chanse was the apple of his eye," he said of his grandson and son. "He would do anything for his son. ... He loved his son and his son loved him, and it's devastating."

    Delbert Drew said the family believes there was some sort of accident — he referred to sharp corners in the Spanish Fork home, or suggested the duo's love of horseplay may have gotten out of hand — that led to Chanse's death.

    He said the family has some letters from Bryson Drew that they will keep private that showed "extreme remorse in what happened" but offered no details about what happened other than that the young father "felt he had really messed up."

    "We may never know exactly what happened in those final moments in the house down there," Delbert Drew said. "Something went terribly wrong in a matter of moments."


    "I'm not trying to make light of (what happened) and say there was nothing wrong, because there was something wrong, but it was something that happened in the spur of the moment," Delbert Drew said.


    Other links:





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    Thanks for sharing this story...so sad for the family. What a sweet little boy. I can't imagine what happened. Did he snap in a fit of rage?

    There is a lot to be said for why he didn't call 911 right away if it was an accident. That is odd. Even if you had beaten your son to death in a fit of rage, I would imagine that once you realized what you had done, you would still try everything in your power to save him. Everyone knows that people who have "died" have been miraculously resuscitated. I would imagine true remorse would have led you to that phone before writing a suicide note and then shooting yourself.

    I would like to find out the times of death. The reason why I say this is because I am wondering if perhaps the little boy had a terrible accident, perhaps fell down the stairs or something and the father was asleep or otherwise occupied that once he found the boy, it was apparent that there was no possible way to save him. In that scenario, I can imagine someone could be so guilt ridden as to take their own lives. He just couldn't deal with the pain of losing his son and knowing it was his fault.

    I really do hope that this is the case in this situation, for the grandfather's sake. Just such a sad story. RIP sweet little Chanse.
    Everything I post without a supporting link is always JMO.

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    I apparently have a connection to this family I was unaware of.

    Apparently the Great Grandmother believes that the father "snapped and murdered Chanse."
    That is the only person I've seen agree with that suggestion...
    I do not know if it is as a result of the autopsy or if she just believed media reports.

    So we will see if other family members follow that lead.
    It's hard to believe a parent with NO history of violence would do that...
    But, it WOULD explain the suicide if that is what happened.

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    Chanse Bryson Drew

    October 14, 2010 - June 9, 2013


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    Was there ever an update for this?

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    Not really but the family still stands by saying it was not a murder suicide.
    Though I believe it was officially ruled that way.

    I don't understand why you wouldn't explain what happened in the note...
    Or why he would be found in a different part of the house.

    We will never really know I guess but I'm glad the family has some peace with it.

    This is kind of Memorial Facebook for Chanse and Bryson


    • In June, 2-year-old Chanse Drew died from blunt force trauma.
    Police say Bryson Drew, 21, killed his son before shooting and killing himself.
    But Drew's family said he adored his child and theorize that perhaps horseplay or another accident caused the boy's death, which led the father to write a suicide note before his own death.

    Just weeks before, the father had written on Facebook: "I love my son Chanse more than anything in this world."


    Chanse Drew
    SPANISH FORK, June 9 —
    Police say Bryson Drew, 21, killed his 2-year-old son, Chanse Drew, before killing himself inside a home at 826 S. Fox Hill Drive.
    The child was found in a bedroom on the main floor with blunt force trauma injuries.
    The boy's father was found in the basement of the home with a single gunshot wound to the head.
    A suicide note was found, but it didn't offer an explanation for the deaths.
    Family members said there may have been an accident, or perhaps the father and son's love of horseplay may have gotten out of hand.

    Motive: Unknown domestic.

    Method: Assault.


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    Note that these quotes are from the daily mail. Have they been reported elsewhere?
    Drew's father told KSL they believe it was an accident, adding the family has letters from Drew showing 'extreme remorse in what happened'.
    So he wrote other letters before the suicide note?

    'my sis helps me keep calm any time my temper gets up' Drew wrote last on facebook last month
    He may have had a problem with his temper.