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    Angry TX - Family Pets Stolen for Dog Fight 'Bait,' Cops Say

    A Tyler, Texas, man is under arrest, accused of being part of a dog fighting ring that allegedly stole family pets out of yards, then trained them to be killers or used them as bait. A man called Tyler police earlier this week and told them his dog had been stolen and he had reason to believe the dog was at a home in his neighborhood. Police went to the home and discovered several pit bulls, mistreated and abused.

    In a nearby vacant lot, police discovered the remains of six dogs believed to have been killed or used as bait in the fights. One of the fatally mauled dogs had its mouth taped shut, likely so it could not defend itself, Tyler Animal Control field supervisor Gary Chambers said.

    The man who lives at the home, Demarcus Keshawn Johnson, 18, was arrested Wednesday, accused of being a member of a dog fighting ring that authorities say is responsible for one of the worst cases of animal cruelty the city has ever seen. Johnson was charged with misdemeanor theft and dog fighting.


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    This actually happens a lot where I live, dog fighting is a HUGE problem. They will also get animals that ppl are just giving away or "rescue" them from the pound. I took in a starved pregnant dog, and I was afraid to give the pups up, b/c of things like this.

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