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    AR - Ayden Evans, 5, mauled to death by dog, 9 June 2013

    Devastating Story! This poor kid! Noone should ever leave a small child at home along with a dog. Especially a stranger to the dog, and worse a dangerous breed:


    Boy, 5, Who Survived Oklahoma Tornado Mauled by Bull Mastiff

    By GEETIKA RUDRA | Good Morning America – 6 hours ago

    Credits:Good Morning America/ABC - Yahoo News

    A boy who survived the killer tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., has been mauled to death by a dog while staying at the home of a family friend

    The boy, whose name was not released by police, was staying with Lynn Geiling, 50, of Jessieville on Sunday while his parents were in Moore surveying tornado damage.

    The family lost their home and all of their belongings when twisters ravaged their town, killing 24 people, last May.

    The boy was sitting on the floor with Geiling and putting on his shoes when he started crying. Hearing the child's cries, the 150-pound dog ran into the room and lunged.

    "The child was upset and the dog took that as a threat towards the female and attacked," said Deputy Sheriff Scott Hinojosa of Garland County.

    According to a police report obtained by ABC News, "the child suffered major lacerations to the head and neck."

    "He was taken to Mercy Hospital where he was pronounced deceased," the report stated.

    Geiling tried to separate the child and dog and in doing so suffered two bites, according to Mary Bournival, 57, of Hot Springs, Okla. Bournival is one of the 13 justices of the peace for Garland County and heads the committee for animal control.

    "To my understanding the dog was half pit bull, half bull mastiff," Bournival continued. "The Geilings were taking care of the dog for their son, who is serving overseas."

    "The owners had no clue about the dog's strength," said Bournival. "This is a situation where vulnerable people were unprepared and unable to ward off such a dangerous breed."

    Charges have not been filed against Geiling.

    "Our investigators are still working. The case is still under investigation and the decision has not yet been made," said Hinojosa.

    Following the attack the dog, ran off. It was found and shot by a neighbor on Monday. It was collected by animal control and it will undergo testing.

    For Bournival, it's a tragedy she has been afraid might happen.

    "Our county does not have any regulations for dangerous dog breeds. All they need are rabies vaccinations. They don't need licenses, they don't need registration, they do not even need to be on a leash," she said.

    Neither the Geilings nor the family of the victim were available to comment.


    Taken From: http://gma.yahoo.com/boy-5-survived-...opstories.html


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    Heartbreaking. Rest in peace, darling boy.
    Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - and sings the tunes without the words - and never stops at all.
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    Very, very sad. I lock up my pit bulls when kids come to my house. My dogs are friendly but they are strong and could knock down a small child and step on him. Dogs that aren't used to kids crying or yelling or running around can get excited by it and they may try to stop the child. Or like in this case, they might take it as a threat to someone.

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    Well, it appears as though no one left the child alone with the dog, but rather just the opposite. An innocent cry and the proximity of the woman led the dog to "protect" the woman.

    I don't mean to come down hard on the breed, but these stories almost inevitably occur with pit bulls, and even bull mastiffs. When you have a large animal like this, where there is a history of violent tendencies among the breed, small children should not be around them...period.

    And please don't say it's not the breed, it is the owner. There is no indication that this owner was anything other than a loving person who offered to watch her son's pet while he served overseas and watch a friend's child while they were surveying tornado damage.

    It is a very sad story and am glad that the dog was found and destroyed and is being tested.

    I personally, do not allow my young children to be anywhere near any "dangerous" breeds, including pit bulls, bull mastiffs, Dobermans, rottweillers and german shepards. I consider them to be loaded weapons. I am also very vigilant in keeping them safe around any other animals, particularly dogs that we don't know, regardless of the breed. JMO.

    I do know that there will be many pit bull lovers out there who may object to this, but it is just how I truly feel.
    Everything I post without a supporting link is always JMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDuchess View Post
    And please don't say it's not the breed, it is the owner. There is no indication that this owner was anything other than a loving person who offered to watch her son's pet while he served overseas and watch a friend's child while they were surveying tornado damage.
    Anyone with common sense KNOWS breed plays a large part in a dog's temperament. That doesn't mean certain breeds are "bad" but it does mean people need to understand and RESPECT their dogs and realize the potential.

    I have a mastiff (Turkish Variety) and he is a classic representative of his breed, that means he is ultra protective and obsessed with home security. If strangers come over he is locked up.

    Sad thing is these folks did NOT understand or respect the dog in their home. The dog was probably giving signals and showing discomfort but they couldn't see it. The were also "surprised" to discover they couldn't pull a 120+ attacking dog off when it happened.

    Even sadder the dog was probably very polite, gentle and affectionate with "his people" which is why they didn't see this coming.
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    October 2014, bbm:

    There was graphic testimony today in a fatal dog attack trial. A mother and daughter are charged in the death of an elderly Hot Springs Village woman.

    Police say Brande Coy was at home when her daughter's bull mastiff-pit bull mix dog attacked and killed 75-year-old Joan Kappen...

    The victim's friend, Nancy Baumann, said, "How can someone be mauled to death while on your morning walk?"

    During the trial, the doctor -- who performed the autopsy -- talked in detail about Kappen's injuries. The doctor says the dog removed Kappen's scalp in the attack and bit her more than 100 times. The doctor says there were so many bites, he couldn't count them all...

    During the trial, attorneys stated Patrone was from the same litter as a puppy that killed 5-year-old Ayden Evans in Jessieville just five months earlier. A vet testified aggression in dogs can be hereditary...

    Brande Coy is charged with manslaughter and unlawful dog attack, her daughter Emily is charged with unlawful dog attack.

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    June 2014:

    Garland County deputies say the five-year-old died inside a Jessieville, Arkansas home after being attacked by a dog last Sunday. His mom says Ayden was staying with her sister for the summer when he was allowed to go to a neighbor's home. That neighbor had a bull mastiff.

    "I've been told he came home from church and was eating lunch and throwing a fit, I guess, and the dog came from another room and attacked him. I don't know the people he was with...

    "From what we gather from the funeral director is that we are… he can't be seen, it has to be a closed casket. We still don't know the extent of the injury. We have to have him cremated," Greg Moore says.

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