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    Exclamation Canada - Raymond Salmen, 65, Harrison Lake, BC, 9 June 2013


    I wasn't sure what date to put as the date he went missing as nobody knows. He ventured out to go camping on May 28, 2013 - planning to be gone for a few weeks..and it wasn't until Jun 9th that LE, while investigating reports of gunshots in the area, happened to come across his abandoned campsite, his dogs inside the camper, etc.

    Amazing that LE claims they don't feel that the reported gunshots in this area have anything to do with this man's disappearance.

    From what I understand, this is a rather remote area so I wonder WHO was reporting gunshots.

    I would assume (though no article has stated either way) that if he was such an avid outdoorsman out camping in a remote area alone, he would have had a gun (rifle, etc) with him. Was he somehow sick or injured and HE shot the gun to hopefully attract attention of help and when no help came he took off on a trail to find help himself?

    Hope he's found soon, safe and sound.

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    RCMP in BC


    Update 1 - Camper at Harrison Lake Unaccounted for
    File # 2013-17891
    2013-06-13 15:43 PDT

    On Sunday, June 9th, 2013, at approximately 5:30 pm Agassiz RCMP were conducting inquiries related to a complaint of shots fired when they located an unoccupied camp site.

    Subsequently, on Monday June 10th it was learned that the camp site belonged to 65 year old Raymond Salmen of Vancouver. Mr. Salmen could not be located and a search, deploying Agassiz-Harrison Search and Rescue, RCMP Air One Helicopter, and Police Officers, commenced.

    As of Wednesday, June 12th, Mr. Salmen has not been located and has been classified as missing. Agassiz RCMP are requesting the assistance of the general public in locating Mr. Salmen.

    To the right is a photograph of the truck and camper used by Mr. Salmen.

    "We are hoping that this will refresh some ones memory that has been visiting Harrison Lake and has information that would be useful for our search," advised Cpl. Len vanNieuwenhuizen.

    Anyone having information about this event is asked to contact Agassiz RCMP AT 604-796-2211 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).


    Media Relations Section
    Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment
    Phone: (604) 702-4017
    Fax: (604) 702-4045
    Cell: (604) 819-5553

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    It worries me that the dogs were in the truck. Perhaps were put in the truck for their safety if there was a bear nearby. Whatever shape the dogs were in should give an idea of how long they may have been left alone.

    “It’s all these mysteries. My mind keeps thinking what could have possibly happened that he would go without the dogs,” his wife Daniela Salmen told CTV News.

    “What would he be doing that he doesn’t have the dogs with him? If he’s going for a hike, he would take the dogs.”
    Read more: http://bc.ctvnews.ca/camping-senior-...#ixzz2WUamwhTY

    At least he is an experienced outdoorsman.

    Hoping for a good ending here. Where are you Mr. Salmen?

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    Missing man presumed drowned in Harrison Lake

    Sigh .. I'm not convinced. How often do LE receive reports of shots fired at Harrison, only to discover a senior is missing in the process. What are the "indications" (as opposed to evidence) that he "entered the lake to return to his campsite"? Just what the heck is that supposed to mean?

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    This is just plain weird

    On Thursday, June 13, at approximately 3:19 pm RCMP Air Services, while conducting a search, observed balloons at a secluded beach approximately 400 meters north of Mr. Salmen's camp. Upon further investigation members located what is believed to be the clothing of Mr. Salmen as well as a rifle and spent shell casings. It is also believed that the balloons were a coincidental but fortunate find as it directed the search to the secluded beach.

    As a result of this find Investigators concluded that Mr. Salmen may have been in a state of medical distress and in attempting to return to his camp ended on this secluded beach. Unable to traverse the beach, due to cliffs and rock outcrops, Mr. Salmen fired shots at the campers, the original complainants, to draw their attention to him. As this did not work, it is believed that Mr. Salmen attempted to swim back to his camp site but did not succeed.
    full article at:

    Nothing was ever mentioned initially that he may have even had a rifle with him. Mr. Salmen was able to get the beach he was on, so why could he not get off that beach due to cliffs and rock outcrops but would choose to swim instead? If he thought he was well enough to swim, why would he think he wasn't well enough to walk back the 400 metres in the direction he came from?

    Sadly, I guess he just got lost in his travels through the bush.

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    Idaho Couple Help Search For Body In Harrison Lake

    A retired Idaho couple is back in B.C. looking to recover the body of a local man believed to have drowned at Harrison Lake in early June.


    Meanwhile, the search has been called off for missing camper Raymond Salmen, believed to have drowned in Harrison Lake in early June.

    An Idaho couple equipped with high-tech search technology has been unable to locate the body.


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    This case still really bugs me. Dogs in the truck, his clothing found only 400 metres from his camp site. He was able to walk to the location where his clothing was found, but if he thought he was not able to walk back those 400 metres, what would have made him think he could swim the distance back to his camp site?

    Police indicate the balloons were a fortunate coincidence in locating the site, but am wondering if Mr. Salmen carried them with him as a visual alert in the case of emergency.

    I wonder what distance from the shoreline the balloons/rifle were. That time of year, a body should have floated up, unless caught underwater on logs or rocks. Regardless of whether underwater or floating, water cadaver dogs should have been able to locate him.

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