Cumbria Police asked school bus driver to block stolen car . (BBC News)
The driver of a school bus carrying pupils was asked by police to block a road in Cumbria to stop a stolen car, it has emerged.

The car hit the bus in Appleby on Friday and a man, 31, from Gateshead was charged with a number of offences.

Police praised the actions of the bus driver after they made the request to protect crowds visiting the annual Horse Fair.

Some parents, however, have complained their children were put at risk.
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The passengers said they were not told what was happening and were not allowed to leave the bus during the ordeal.

Sam White, 14, said: I saw the car coming up and then the police car behind with blue lights on.

He added that the young children were screaming: I dont want to die.

Cumbria Police say the car was heading for a road beyond the bus which was thronged with spectators, horses and schoolchildren.
'We don't want to die': Police use school bus filled with screaming children as roadblock to stop gypsy fair car chase . (Daily Mail)