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    UK ∙ Colin the wallaby jumps fence, eludes police, misses mates, hops back home

    How Colin, the escaped white wallaby gave six startled policemen the slip in midnight chase before hopping back home .(Daily Mail)
    A runaway wallaby sparked a police hunt involving six officers after he was spotted making a dash for freedom near Birmingham.

    Three-year-old Colin jumped a 6ft fence to escape from his pen in Solihull, West Midlands, before hopping back home five hours later, his owners revealed today.

    The meandering marsupial escaped last night and sightings were reported over four miles away from the half-acre field he shares with seven other wallabies.

    Police were called when a shocked motorist spotted the unusual sight and filmed the fugitive on his mobile at around 11.45pm.

    Despite six officers turning up to try and catch Colin he disappeared into the night and it was down to owners Jon Cloke, 46, and wife Angela, 46, to track him down.
    Angela described Colin as the ‘rogue’ in the furry family-of-eight.
    'It had basically come back to where it lives to see its mates. He must have got lonely and decided to come home.'
    much more, with pictures and a video, at link above

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    awww, cute little guy. Sorry to say that I had to look up what a wallaby is. Have not been to the zoo in a long time. =)

    Cute story. Much needed around here lately, says me.
    "A word after a word after a word is power."
    ~Margaret Atwood~

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