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    Above the law: America's worst charities


    Editor's note: CNN has partnered with the Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting to showcase the results of their year-long investigation to identify America's worst charities.

    (CNN) -- The worst charity in America operates from a metal warehouse behind a gas station in Holiday, Florida.

    Every year, Kids Wish Network raises millions of dollars in donations in the name of dying children and their families.

    Every year, it spends less than 3 cents on the dollar helping kids.

    Most of the rest gets diverted to enrich the charity's operators and the for-profit companies Kids Wish hires to drum up donations.

    More at link.....

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    Thank you so much for posting this.

    I read this yesterday and was flabbergasted.
    I'd also like to get the real deal info on pet charities as well, as I contribute to those ad well.

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    Wow. This is appalling
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    From a specific article about fundraising in Hawaii:

    ""There's a lot of solicitors out there that use pressure tactics or really sympathy tactics to try and get that money right now. Never feel pressure to do so," said Tim Caminos, a spokesman for Hawaii's BBB.

    The BBB has some simple questions to ask telemarketers who are required by law to answer truthfully.

    "You can ask:
    one, if they are a professional fundraiser;
    two, who they work for;
    and three, how much of their money actually goes to the charities," Caminos said.

    To make sure 100 percent of your donation ends up at the charity you want to support, go to the non-profit's website and donate directly to the non-profit online. Or call the charity and get their address and then support them the old-fashioned way, by sending them a check in the mail


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    Other tips. These are from CharityWatch.com


    Tips for Giving Wisely

    With over 2 million nonprofit organizations in the US, competition for donations has become intense. As charities face budget cuts and increasing public demand for their services, they turn to you for more donations. Many charities stuff your mailbox with fundraising appeals, hire high pressure telephone solicitors, and use aggressive tactics to get your money. All of this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused about which charities are most deserving of your contributions. CharityWatch suggests the following pointers to help avoid the bad actors and give more effectively.

    Charities have an obligation to provide detailed information to interested donors. Never give to a charity you know nothing about. Request written literature and a copy of the charity’s latest annual report. This should include a list of the board of directors, a mission statement and the most recent available audited financial statements with accompanying notes.

    If a charity does not provide you with the information you request, you may want to think twice about giving to it. Honest charities typically encourage your interest and respond to your questions.

    There are nine more tips all of us should be aware of and practice. We could put the scammers out of business.

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