Mad Frankie Fraser reveals he was handed Asbo after flying into rage when someone sat in his chair.(Sunday Mirror)
Mad Frankie Fraser has revealed how he was handed an Asbo after flying into a rage when someone sat in his favourite chair.

The former feared gangland enforcer, who has served 42 years behind bars, refused to back down in an angry row at an old people’s home.

Fraser, 89 – dubbed “Britain’s most dangerous man” by two Home Secretaries – went for a fellow OAP and chased him down a corridor after he refused to budge out of the leather armchair.
“I thought my flashes of temper had long since gone, but when I saw this bloke called Arthur sat in my favourite chair by the window and refusing to move I lost it.

“I didn’t want any aggro but he was being as stubborn as bloody hell. There was an argument and shouting started.
“I wanted my chair back and I’ve never been too good at backing down. It’s just not in my nature.”
Jailed for a horrific series of beatings, razor slashings and tortures while working as the henchman of the Richardson gang in South London, Fraser says he was shocked when police arrived at the home.

“I didn’t expect the cozzers to show up at all but the home have terms and conditions and they have to report any possibility of a resident getting harmed.”
A few days later magistrates slapped Fraser with an Asbo over the incident in Peckham, South London.
Having narrowly avoided a murder conviction years ago at the Old Bailey that would have seen him hanged, Fraser is calm about the prospect of death.

“I don’t fear it at all,” he says. “I’ve dodged it a few times now.”
Much more at the link; when the Richardson Gang, in the 1950s, acquired Mad Frank's services, the effect on gangland London warfare was compared to that of China getting the neutron bomb.