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    PA/DEL Grown Man Buys Child Lingire

    Michael J Barndt works as a cook at a school in Horsham and he's also a camp counselor. Ain't that just great?

    Barndt traveled from Sellersville, PA to Delaware and booked his perverted self a hotel to prepapre to meet who he thought was a 14 year old girl. It was the cops, thank heavens.

    Not one to be cheap with his dates (kids) Barndt too a trip to a local Mall to buy the supposed child some lingire. Are you kidding me?


    Works around kids all the time. We need these crumbs locked up and stayed locked up.

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    What a perverted freak! I remember seeing those Dateline specials where they set up stings like this one.
    Many times these men would show up with condoms, alcohol and/or drugs, but I don't remember any of them showing up with lingerie.

    And with his jobs working with kids, dollars to doughnuts he has previous victims.

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