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    Gene mutation the curly-coated Selkirk Rex distinguished as a separate cat breed

    The 'poodle' cat with a quirky gene which means it is classed as a separate breed. (Daily Mail)
    Their thick, curly coats have earned them the nickname 'cats in sheep's clothing'.

    Now the Selkirk Rex has been declared as a breed of its own by scientists, nine generations after it first appeared.

    And every Selkirk Rex in the world can be traced back to one mother - Miss DePesto.

    The kitten stood out from the rest of the litter for her unusual curly coat when she was born to a feral cat in Montana in 1987.

    Her curls were the result of a spontaneous gene mutation that only affected her.
    The curls are caused by a dominant gene, so the felines can be cross-bred with other cats and keep its signature fur.
    Researchers at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna say that the Selkirk Rex is genetically distinct from other breeds and is the fourth type of curly-haired cat.
    more, with pics of Selkirk Rex, at the link

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    What an adorable kitty!!! I've never heard of this kind of kitty before! Very interesting!

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