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    IL - Nathan Hubert, 23 mos, dies in hot car, dad charged, 20 June 2013

    In cases like this one when a parent has to children in their care and they got so drunk they pass out and a child dies,why aren't they charged with Murder because that is what it is! Oh I know why ....because he is suffering enough because he lost his son......He was only lost because of him and his actions


    A father has been charged with involuntary manslaughter after his toddler son was found dead inside a sweltering car while he was passed out drunk inside the home.

    Wayne M. Hubert, 32, from Illinois, was charged on Friday, one day after his wife found their 23-month-old son Nathan in their car, where he was trapped in temperatures of up to 135 degrees for more than two hours.
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    When is it going to end? Poor baby.

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    Geez, what a nightmare.

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    It is hard to believe that someone could leave a child in a hot car, the Dad may have had a few beers first, before putting the child in the car?

    What a horrible shock to that young mother to find her baby in such a bad condition! I feel so sorry for her, their lives will never be the same.

    They looked like loving parents in the photos, so sorry for their loss.

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    From April 2014:


    Wayne M. Hubert, 33, of O'Fallon, Ill., pleaded guilty Thursday in St. Clair County Circuit Court to the involuntary manslaughter of his 23-month-old son...

    Judge John Baricevic sentenced Hubert to four years in prison.

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