Report: Turtleman TV show faked a snake in Danville pool; filming wasn't approved. (
DANVILLE The city parks department failed to obtain required approvals to film an episode of Animal Planet's Wildman at the public pool where a poisonous snake was released and then captured by Kentucky's "Turtleman," a new report said.

The city of Danville released a report of its investigation of the filming of the reality TV show Call of the Wildman. The program often features Ernie Brown Jr., known as the Turtleman, cornering unwanted animals and using unconventional methods of capture.
In a telephone interview, freelance producer Karl Hollandt had the same reply for questions about planning, production and filming of the episode.

When asked if a snake was found in the pool, if animals were brought in for the show and if he was involved in location planning, Hollandt repetitively said: "All I can say is that Turtleman was called with a problem and he came out to help."
The findings in City Manager Ron Scott's report painted a different picture.

The episode portrayed the city of Danville negatively and could impede community growth, Scott said. The pool on city property is jointly financed by Danville and Boyle County, but an independent board runs it.

Scott's report said it didn't appear anyone was compensated for approving the filming.
Boyle County Judge-Executive Harold McKinney said, "We introduced poisonous snakes into a public swimming pool. That is not good policy and it's just not a good idea."
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