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    WA - Mystery metal object falls from sky; space junk, or....tooth from wood chipper?

    Mystery metal bar falls out of the sky and crashes through the roof of a Seattle family's home - and it WASN'T from a plane. (Daily Mail)
    A fat chunk of metal crashed into a Seattle family's home Sunday out of the clear blue.

    Sky, that is. The three-pound piece of lead smashed clear through the roof and left a shoe box-sized hole in their ceiling.
    A responding officer inspected the hole and decided one of two things happened.

    Either the rectangular hunk of lead fell off an aircraft or, the officer said, 'a really big bird that had stolen a lead bar.'

    However, the FAA has nixed the first possibility.
    'After examining the part, investigators have concluded that this object did not come from an aircraft,' the FAA's Allen Kenitzer said.
    King 5 News reports that viewers in Seattle responded to the story and many seemed to believe the bar is a wood chipper tooth.

    While someone is grinding wood and tree stumps, they said, it's possible for a 'tooth' to fly out along with the wood chips.
    more, with pictures of the thing, at link above

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    so I wonder if they have checked with any neighbours who may have been chipping wood ... that seems like a probably explanation

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    A bunch of commentators are saying it's an RV-9 elevator counterweight from an airplane. Here's one: http://n90mc.blogspot.com/2011/06/ju...erweights.html

    Looks like that's what it is to me, too.

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    You know you've been on WS too long when:

    You see "wood chipper" and "tooth" and assume the tooth was human.
    “Evil begins when you begin to treat people as things.” -- Terry Pratchett

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    A human tooth is what I assumed.

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