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    AU ∙ Pro Lego man mourns vandal loss of 100,000-brick Elvis the Helicopter in Cairns

    Lego building expert says he's sad for the children after helicopter destroyed at Cairns Central. (cairns.com.au)
    An extraordinary body of Lego which took six weeks to build has been trashed in an act of vandalism at Cairns Central but the builder says it won't stop him from returning.

    The callous act saw a carefully constructed $25,000 Lego brick helicopter smashed into pieces at Cairns Central on Thursday night.

    It took Melbourne-based Lego certified professional Ryan "The Brickman'' McNaught six weeks to create the 100,000 piece "Elvis the Helicopter'' which was on display atop a table near Centre Court in the complex.

    Police said an elderly male tourist saw the incident unfold around 9.40pm on Thursday night and it is believed a group of juveniles approached the display, pushed it over causing it to smash and then fled.
    Mr McNaught said his work had never been damaged before.
    much more, with before & after pics of Elvis the Helicopter, at link above

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    Ryan McNaught is the only man authorised to build Lego in Australia.
    You need a licence to build Lego in Australia?

    Got a license to build
    And you know I'm going straight for your heart.
    Got a license to build
    Anyone who tries to tear us apart. ...

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