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    UK ∙ Wales - "In the name of the Lord, I'm not drunk!" tipsy wedding vicar laments

    Investigation after drunk vicar fell over in the aisle at a wedding and had to be locked in VESTRY. (Daily Mail)
    An investigation is underway into a drunken vicar who had to be locked in the vestry after he fell over on his way into a church to conduct a wedding.

    A replacement had to take the ceremony after Reverend Brian Taylor allegedly fell over and had to be ushered into the sideroom.

    He could then apparently be heard shouting 'In the name of the Lord, I'm not drunk' from behind the door, while Chris John and Lori Collins were getting married at St George’s Church, in Cwmparc, South Wales.
    Usher Rhodri Jones said he saw the vicar stagger down the hill as he made his way to the service at the church.

    He said: 'He walked past me like Jack Sparrow, tripped over the step into the church and fell through the door in front of 96 people.'
    The couple, who are currently on a three-week honeymoon, have apparently told friends they still had a 'wonderful day' and now found the event 'quite funny'.
    more at the link

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    Was the planet spinning too fast for him?

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