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    PR - Santeria ritual? At least 40 bodies missing from Gurabo cemetery

    Puerto Rico Town Mystified by Missing Remains . (ABC News)
    The remains of at least 40 people are missing from a cemetery in the sleepy mountain town of Gurabo, where officials are trying to solve a mystery that has frightened neighbors and left families distraught.

    The apparent thefts occurred at the town's oldest cemetery, which was built in 1912 and features rows of white mausoleums located on the outskirts of Gurabo.

    "I have spent nine years with the municipality," Public Works Director Jose Roman told The Associated Press on Tuesday. "I have never, never, ever had something like this happen to me."

    No one has been able to explain the disappearances, although many residents believe the bones are being stolen for Santeria rituals, practiced by those who follow the Caribbean-based religion that blends Roman Catholicism and the African Yoruba faith.
    much more at the link

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    The families who own mausoleums should form their own patrol to stake out the cemetery.

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    Weird. No mention if they think the bones were all stolen in the last year or so, or if this has been going on for many years.

    Maybe they are stealing them to sell online? Skulls retail from $500 to $2000 a piece depending on the quality. Big money for some. Course if the BOXES are also missing they must want the boxes for something.

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