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    I want to be able to come to websleuths, but 4 times now I've picked up a virus while here. For months I've only been coming from my phone( which is where I'm posting from now) and I decided to update a thread for one of my unidentified persons a couple of days ago and boom- my computer crashed again.
    I run excellent virus protection and it is up to date. Any suggestions? What virus protection do you use and has anyone else had an issue?
    I miss working in the unidentified forums and I would love to come back!
    Thanks any info would be much appreciated!
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    Hi Snufamonbobball!

    I was having the same problem. My virus protection was up-to-date, but it seemed I was running a risk every time I logged onto WS by contracting malware and viruses.

    However, I was using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. I switched browsers altogether and started using Chrome. No problems since.

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    Same thing happened to me multiple times before i switched to apple and ditched Microsoft.

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    The viruses you are getting are not from Websleuths, they may come from links to other sites you go to or even click on from here, but its not from Websleuths. This is checked on a regular basis, our site is not the problem.