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    MI Sex Offender "Wanted To Get Caught"

    Chad Eric Servis

    Servis has horrific crimes against children dating back to 2000. Seriv's friends inside and out said he was not shy about his preferences. What jail was this guy in? He dreamed of going to Costa Rica and abducting a boy to bring back to the US his friend said.

    Well, after trying to accost boys playing basketball at a park they told and parents held him for the cops. He had a knife, lubricant and other items related to harming children.


    He's been out for a little while so no way are these the first kids he tried to get to.

    Friend said he felt safe in jail where he had no victims. Interesting article about therapy for sex offenders.

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    From link above:

    "He now faces two counts of felony accosting children for immoral purposes."

    Never mind that he had "handcuffs, lubricant, a blindfold a knife and other sex objects with him at the time of his arrest."

    What about attempted kidnap - with a deadly weapon? FFS. THIS is how missing and murdered kids happen. Go on courts - hand our kids another serial offender in three to five with parole.

    The only efficient therapy for pedos is a nailed down coffin under six feet of dirt.

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    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Ausgirl.

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