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    Multi-car wreck near Atlanta - 6 of 7 drivers DUI

    this was an "accident" waiting to happen:http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local...r-crash/nYdpN/

    Accident in quotations because it's my belief that when a driver is under the influence, nothing is accidental....JMO

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    I'm shocked that no one was killed, but the report does say one is in critical condition.

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    Wow, they're incredibly lucky, this could have gone much worse than it did. When will people learn? Drinking and driving is one of the most ridiculously stupid decisions someone can ever make in their lives. All it takes is one accident, and someone innocently going about their own business could be killed by your stupid mistake.

    Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - and sings the tunes without the words - and never stops at all.
    Emily Dickinson

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    As someone who was hit head on by a drunk driver when I was 21, this gives me the chills. Thankfully, I lived to tell about it. Personally, I think that places that sell alcoholic beverages (bars, clubs, etc) should be required to have gated parking lots with a checkpoint exit. That would at least cut down on those leaving those establishments. If restaurants, or other places that serve alcoholic beverages, and don't want to call themselves a club, bar with the checkpoint exit, then there should be a law that patrons can only be served X amount of drinks that would keep them under the legal limit. They go on and on and on about texting and driving, pass laws, etc.... but yet drunk drivers kill themselves and others all.the.time. and the laws don't change.

    I just don't understand why people don't just get plastered all they want at their own home and stay there. No risks of getting in trouble or hurting anyone. Have all your drunk friends over for a pallet party. AND STAY THERE!

    But then, I've never been drunk, so I have no idea why people want to be that way in the first place. All the alcohol I've ever had tasted like toilet bowl cleaner mixed with mouthwash and rotten apple juice, and I couldn't imagine drinking enough of it to be drunk.

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    "That Pedestrian that was hit, was IN one of the cars that was hit. That Pedestrian now faces charges."


    Okay peeps... translate that for me?
    Pedestrian, in the car... huh?

    So does that mean that the Pedestrian got out of the car and walked across the freeway?
    If so, how did the car that Pedestrian had previously been riding in get hit?
    I'm so confused...

    For what it's worth... none of these guys appear to be connected on facebook.
    I was wondering if they all were coming from one place or something.

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    six under the influence but only 4 mugshots ...

    they're all incredibly lucky no one has died

    I hope the one person who was sober is not the one critically injured

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    That's a scary statistic.

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