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    TX - Doctor Bust Alert

    Jody Morse Griswold

    Griswold is a DO. He's also drug addicted. Hey, it happens. He also is taken to picking women up in parking lots and bringing them home, and showing them child pornography with him in it!

    Whoever the woman was and for what reason she hopped in a car with this guy I can imagine. Thankfully she has a moral compass and went to the law. They got a capture of Griswold's car and plate and busted him. Creep sexually assaulting several boys and girls around the age of 10.


    His license was revoked twice. Now LE has to try and find these victims.

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    Pick a profession that allows you to meet, greet, mingle, fondle and assult helpless children. Do whatever pleases you with regards to the young and the innocent. Photograph them for your later pleasure in recalling those fantasies. Dr. Slime, a real doctor? At least there is documentation of his evilness. Who was holding the camera? Lock this filthy freak of nature up, permanently.

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    Disgusting! I hope they are able to find the victims and get them some help to cope with what he put them through.
    Eternally optimistic!

    Hoping to find:
    John Spira (Avatar picture of John)
    Bendetta "Beth" Bentley
    Tionda and Diamond Bradley

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    What a sick pig. Ugh.

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