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    MO RSO Rapes A 7 Year Old

    Dennis L Hatten

    Registered sex offender walking the streets and able to rape a poor little 7 year old.


    Bless his child as she has endured horrific pain. He should have stayed locked up.

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    When will we lock these predators up for good and make our society safe for our children?
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    I agree, he should have stayed locked up like all the rest of them (SOs), however, that isn't the reality - they typically don't serve much time and they get out to offend again. So while I hate the reality of it, the best we can do is to protect our children and part of that is at least knowing who's around our children. So I ask, in this case, why in the name of God was this man even allowed near/in this child's home to begin with?!! He was a REGISTERED sex offender and, as unpopular as this may be, I do believe that when a caregiver knowingly allows a SO to be around a child (with the crazy belief that "they'd never do it again" - yeah, right!), they too bare some responsibility and should be criminally charged. JMO ~

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    Poor little girl, she needs a great deal of help to recover from these assaults. How could this have gone on for six months. Who was protecting the innocent child. Who was NOT protecting the innocent child.

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    23 December 2013

    A 58-year-old man pleaded guilty Thursday to three sex crimes involving the abuse of a 7-year-old girl over a six-month period.

    Dennis L. Hatten of Mexico, Mo., was given three concurrent 15-year sentences for first-degree child-molestation and two counts of first-degree statutory sodomy.

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