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    RI - Mom Had Shopping To Do, Leaves Baby In Van

    Decontee Brooks was doing some clothes shopping, It's seriously hot here on the East Coast so maybe she needed a swimsuit? No matter she left her child in a hot van in the midst of a heat wave.

    Passerby heard an infant screaming and saw the one year old boy clutching a dry cleaners bag in his hand. Baby boy's temp was at 101.6.


    Other charges as well.

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    That is so annoying and maddening. How hard is it to take a one yr old into the store? You put him in the stroller and wheel him about. What is her problem?

    My son's friend is a security guard at the Indian Casino in Santa Barbara. He said the number one thing they are told to watch for in the parking lot is children locked in the cars, while their parents gamble.
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    I'm sure glad someone saw the baby and called the police!

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    Idiot! Get a sitter. Wait until later. Take him in with you. Bring along another adult who can sit in the van IN THE SHADE while you run in the store. Decide your child is more important than a new pair of pants. Sooooo many options!
    And while we are talking about terrible parenting choices, dry cleaning bags + babies = dead babies!

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    Thanks to the person who saw this tot alone in that van ... she may have saved his life. The mother of this child needs to serve some time behind bars...no second chances given out for this foolish momster.

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    A great big hug to the person who heard him. I am so relieved he's alive. That dumb woman should be relieved of her parental rights.

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    Unbelievable. It is to hot to just be outside without being in water. How stupid can people get.

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