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    Woman, 62, Jailed On Felony Battery Charge After Kissing Cop On The Nose


    In a post-arrest interview, Hill said that Lamb “was being aggressive towards her,” and that “the thought just popped in her head to kiss him on his nose, so she kissed him on his nose.” Hill told deputies that she had consumed “about 3 glasses of wine” before deputies arrived at her home.

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    Okay, is it bad that I find this lady very funny?

    I had a friend who defused a potentially deadly fight this way. He walked out of a friend's house and found a very large, angry man who wanted to beat him, standing at the bottom of the porch stairs. In his words: "By the time I reached the 2nd step from the bottom I realized I was looking him straight in the eye. This was one big dude. I figured I was going to get whupped either way so I leaned over and kissed him smack on the forehead." Fight was defused, everyone was rolling. See, Bugs Bunny was an educational program.

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    What a meanie!

    I wonder if he also broke her little bottle of Love Potion Number Nine.. :B
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    Hopefully the original call about her arguing with a neighbor over a fence will be settled or diffused.