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    UK ∙ The day the spaceships took Welshman's pit bull pup and has Datsun Cherry

    Aliens stole my Datsun Cherry! Man recounts moment he and teenage friends 'watched as
    fleet of spacecraft made off with their car and pet dog' (good luck with the insurance claim)
    . (Daily Mail)
    A man who claims his tent, car and dog were snatched by aliens on a camping trip in Cardiff has spoken out about his harrowing experience.

    Keith Robins, 37, said that he looked on 'gobsmacked' as a fleet of 12 to 15 spacecrafts homed into view one evening in 1992 while on a camping trip with friends Christopher French and Sylvan Salway.

    Keith and his friends had asked permission from their parents to go on the trip, but the group were left disappointed when before they even had a chance to pitch their tent, they claim the alien vessels made off with the Datsun Cherry and its contents.
    more on the link; Mr. Robins reported the odd incident, such as it is, to MoD

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    I hate it when that happens

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    Three teenagers on an unsupervised overnight camping trip, right? Car with all gear and dog gone, right?

    Either they left it somewhere unlocked and it was stolen (but what car thief would want a dog along with the car?) or they wrecked the car and then disposed of it. Which would not explain the dog missing. Or would it?

    Why do I suspect this is actually what might have happened? Don't even ask.

    But I will say that teenagers who are on their own and tippling can get really creative when it comes to not wanting mum and dad to know what really happened!

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    Probably sold the lot for a comfortable weekend in a hotel

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    I believe him! Hasn't anyone ever seen the long running BBC documentary that comes out of Cardiff, called Doctor Who? It's about a regenerating alien that tends to keep earth safe from alien bad guys. Back in 1992, the Doctor was rarely letting the BBC document his exploits and put them out in space via tv airwaves... so it seems very plausible that a small troop of aliens got brave and decided to play cat & mouse with this poor lad and his mates.

    True story... *nods*

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