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    UK - Fairford, Gloucesterhire, human skull in River Coln *ANCIENT*

    Police investigation after human skull found in River Coln by Farmor's School boys. (wiltsglosstandard.co.uk)
    A pair of best friends in Fairford had a gruesome find at the weekend after discovering a human skull that sparked a police investigation.

    Farmor's School pupils, Christian Thompson and Robbie Cribley were making the most of the weekend sun by paddling their dingy down the River Coln when they made the shock discovery.

    They had become stuck on some trees and got out of the boat to try and dislodge it.

    "Robbie said he could see a skull and I was so shocked when I saw it too," Christian said.

    It was in shallow water close to the bank of the River Coln between Cinder Lane and Cutler's field, just a five minute walk from Christian's house.
    "It’s believed that the remains could have been there for many many years," a spokesman said. "A forensic anthropologist has been contacted who will examine the remains and help identify when the individual passed away."
    more at the link, with picture and map
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    Slightly creepy--the boys found the rest of the body while "re-enacting" the discovery process for a news crew: http://www.wiltsglosstandard.co.uk/n...y_in_Fairford/

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    Have been looking through the UK missing sites and so far no ones really looked like a possibility. Would like to hear how old they think the bones are.

    So looking at older MP's-

    Elizabeth Swann went missing in 1974 on her way to Gloucester which is about 40 min away from Fairford but it is unknown where on her journey she went missing.

    But that it all I can really find within an hour of the area. I think these are much, much older bones.

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    Skull find ‘is Saxon’


    By Daily Star reporter/Published 13th July 2013

    Forensic experts are to examine and date the remains but believe they may be more than 1,000 years old.

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    Death probe turned out to be a real cold case


    By Western Daily Press
    Tuesday, September 17, 2013

    "It's been confirmed that the remains are that of a woman from sub-Saharan Africa and are dated between 896AD and 1025AD."

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    Unusual for an African woman to be in Britain during that period. Are any museums missing a skeleton?

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