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    Ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher in $$$ love child paternity wrangle

    From Daily Mail, the stories at the links.

    The allegations:

    Liam Gallagher 'is sued for millions by a woman who accuses him of fathering a secret love child with her'

    • New York paper says woman claims she had daughter less than a year ago
    • Alleged she'd consider DNA tests and wants Gallagher to pay paternity costs
    • Gallagher, 40, married Nicole Appleton in 2008 and has three children
    • 'We are not going to comment on gossip,' singer's spokesman said

    The scandal:

    She calls him her rock. So what WILL Mrs G make of her boorish husband's new paternity wrangle?

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    And, on the other hand.....

    Liam Gallagher sues newspaper over claims he fathered a secret love child. (Mirror)
    Rock star Liam Gallagher is taking legal action against a US newspaper after it alleged he was being sued for £2million by a woman who claimed he fathered her love child.

    The mother, who the paper has chosen not to name, claims she gave birth to the former Oasis singer's daughter less than a year ago after a one night stand.

    Millionaire Gallagher is now suing the New York Post who made the allegations.
    But then there's.....

    New York Times Reporter Claims She Had Love Child With Oasis Frontman. (Gawker)
    Earlier today, the New York Post reported that Liam Gallagher is being sued for $3 million by a woman claiming to have had a “love child” with the former Oasis frontman. Standard enough tabloid fodder, right? But now comes a report that the woman is New York Times contributor Liza Ghorbani, who wrote about Gallagher for the paper in 2010.

    The New York Daily News, citing sources close to Ghorbani, said Gallagher and Ghorbani began having an affair the night they met for an “A Night Out With...” column Ghorbani wrote about Gallagher for the Times in May 2010.
    more at links

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