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    MO - Leslie Wehmer, 41, St Louis, 12 July 2013

    Leslie Wehmer aged 41 was reported missing by her boyfriend who said she left home intoxicated.

    A police officer who stopped by his unmarked car found a woman's body slumped over and decomposing.


    Another article said Miss Wehmer was in the trunk?

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    Does LE think there was foul play? The article shows she was seen wandering around by other people and a friend, and this was usual for her due to her alcoholism. I suppose the autopsy will tell if somebody hurt her.

    Very sad....

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    (Deleted after I read the article )

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    Do police usually leave unoccupied patrol cars unlocked for several days at a time?

    Isn't it true that, in most police cars, the back doors can't be unlocked from the inside? Is it possible an officer picked this woman up for drunk & disorderly, then forgot to bring her into the station?

    This just doesn't sound right.
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    Very sad... and strange! I hope her family receives answers, I think it was one awful accident Why was the vehicle not locked, especially left unlocked for an extended period of time?
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    Wehmer wound up in the unmarked car, which he said was accidentally left unlocked at the time.

    "The hypothesis is ... based on deceased woman, what the family knows, and the medical examiner's determination, that she probably left the house Friday morning, went from car to car looking for shelter, found our police car, crawled into it, passed out, and the next day when the temperature rose, she suffered a heat stroke and passed away," Hopkins told ABCNews.com.

    Wehmer also suffered from epilepsy, and had several epileptic fits in the 12-hour period before she disappeared, Hopkins said members of her family told authorities. - See more at: http://everythinglubbock.com/fulltex....a0Xn0AJb.dpuf

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