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    NJ - RSO Films Girls At Jersey Shore

    Charles Catalano is a RSO from Medford. His crimes date back to a 1993 conviction of sexual assault. He had an excuse for that. He was hit in the head with a baseball in Little League. O.K. then.

    While sharing a shore rental he hid a camera in a tissue box and filmed a woman and her daughters.


    Keep him locked up.

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    "A doctor who testified on Catalano’s behalf said tests showed he had a cerebral dysfunction that could have been caused by getting hit in the head as a young boy and led him to exposing himself, but the assistant prosecutor urged the judge to disregard the claim."

    Really? I wonder what this "expect" testimony cost?
    Judgment is not about destruction, but about setting things right.

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    I briefly worked in admin for a forensic psych practice (it didn't last long since being party to what amounted to excuses being made for cold-blooded killers, child rapists, and abusive parents chafed my moral sensibilities) - trust me, those "doctors" charge a boatload, and often the taxpayers end up footing the bill (when the defendant is represented by public defenders, or a judge orders an evaluation, etc.). Shameful.

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