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    TN - Pauline George, 50, Knoxville, 7 March 1991

    Initial Information and Scene
    Neighbors had reported seeing an older model light green pickup truck backed into George's driveway around 3:00 PM that day.

    Pauline George, age 50, was found dead in her West Knox County home on March 7, 1991. She had been stabbed to death. Her body was discovered in the basement of her Kingston Hills home about 5:00 PM by her boyfriend who was picking her up for dinner. She had arrived home at 7724 Luscombe Dr. about 2:30 PM after leaving work as an admitting clerk at Park West Hospital around 2:00 PM.

    If you have any information, please call the Knox County Sheriff's Cold Case Investigations Unit at 215-2243 or e-mail us at coldcase@knoxsheriff.org

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    Pauline George didn't know an enemy.
    She kept her doors locked.
    That didn't save her. She died 17 years ago, beaten and stabbed in her West Knox County home the evening of March 7, 1991.
    Investigators spent years retracing the 50-year-old hospital clerk's steps in the hours before the crime, almost down to the seconds. They know when she left work that day, what she had in her purse and where she stopped on the way home.
    They still don't know who killed her.
    "There's not a time I cast a penny in a well or blow out a candle that I don't wish for peace and an answer about my mom," said her adopted son, Randy George. "I don't know where to turn. She's got beautiful grandchildren missing out without her here. I want to look the person who did it eye to eye and ask them why."


    A missed engagement
    George worked the early shift that day at the admissions desk of Fort Sanders Parkwest Medical Center, a job she'd done for more than 13 years. She left work just after 2 p.m.

    George had a date that night with her boyfriend, Jack Lane. They planned to eat dinner and see a movie.

    She drove home to 7724 Luscombe Drive, then outside the city limits. She checked the mailbox and walked through the door of her house for the last time around 2:30 p.m.

    Inside, she laid the mail on the table and stopped long enough to read a note from her adopted son. She headed to the bedroom, laid her clothes on the bed and took a shower, then put on her housecoat.

    Lane got there about 5 p.m. to pick her up. When no one answered the doorbell, he noticed a back door to the kitchen ajar.

    Lane stepped inside and walked through the house, calling his girlfriend's name.

    "The light was on, and her clothes were still on the bed," he recalled. "The door was still locked, and the latch was still on the door. I went down the stairwell toward the basement. I turned on the light and hollered, still no response."

    Then he spotted something in a side room, the one George's son and daughter had played in as children.

    "I'm a retired firefighter, and I've seen a lot," Lane said. "But when you see someone you know up close and personal like that, it's different. There was blood everywhere. I just started backing out. I knew she was gone."


    Investigators are offering a reward for tips in the case. Waggoner asked that anyone with information in George's death call 865-215-2243 or 971-3926 or send an e-mail to homicide@knoxsheriff.org.
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    Thanks for posting these Knoxville cases. I'm somewhat familiar withe area. Looking at the map, this one, and that of the Williams sisters are in the same general vicinity. I wonder if LE has considered a connection?

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    If they still have the physical evidence, someone needs to check it for DNA besides Ms. George's. It happens in stabbings often that the killer cuts their own hands and arms and leaves evidence behind.
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