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    CA - San Francisco, WhtMale UP5964, 43-60, near KYA radio tower, Jul'06

    Unidentified male found in San Francisco in June 2006
    Exact location: 150 yards south of the KYA radio tower, 400 yards from Pier 96

    • Race: white
    • Age range: 43 to 60 years old
    • Height: Estimated to be about 72 inches (6 feet)
    • Some of his left ribs were fractured. He also had fractures on his right ulna bone and on his right maxilla area.
    • Had a white, metal mesh stent in his chest.

    • Found on June 26th, 2006
    • NamUs doesn't give a good estimate of how old the bones are. It just says ''years.''
    • At 12:30PM, a goat herder 150 yards south of the KYA radio tower was walking over an area that'd been cleared by her herd. She found a human cranium and phoned police at about 1:19PM.

    • Black fleece ''North Face'' XL, black fleece ''speedo'', red windbreaker shell ''Pla Jac'', red t-shirt, and red sweatpants with pockets on the front and back.
    • No jewelry or eyewear. The shoes are listed as ''undetermined''.

    • Couldn't be fingerprinted as the remains are skeletal.
    • Dental information is available.
    • DNA samples were submitted BUT the DNA status is listed as ''Tests not complete''.

    Here is the IdentifyUs link: https://identifyus.org/en/cases/5964
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    I was looking through CharleyProject and found a man who seems to match up pretty well with the info here.

    His name is Sydney Taylor, missing from San Francisco since December 1999:

    Here's why I think he's a potential match:
    • Decedent is estimated to have been 43 - 60 years old. Taylor was 59 when he disappeared
    • Decedent is estimated to be 6 feet tall. Taylor was 6 feet tall
    • Race matches
    • Taylor disappeared from SF's General Hospital. The body was found 9 - 11 minutes away
    • Taylor was going to the hospital because of an arm injury. The body had an ulna bone fracture that is thought to be older than the rib fractures
    • Taylor was a paranoid schizophrenic, the body was found near a radio tower. Some paranoid schizophrenics believe that messages are being transmitted to them through radio, TV and other forms of media. This type of delusion is called a ''delusion of reference''. Maybe schizophrenic delusions have something to do with where the body was found?

    I don't know whether Taylor had a stent in his heart, though...

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    Roderick Cate
    Age, height, and race all match. He went missing about 15 - 20 minutes from where the body was found.

    Jimmy Beattie
    Age, height and race all match. Last seen wearing red jacket like the UID was but the rest of the clothing doesn't seem to match. Also, he disappeared 7 1/2 hours away from where the body was found.

    Terrence Diaz
    Age, height and race match. Went missing about 40 minutes from the body's location. But the clothing doesn't match up...

    I still think Sydney Taylor is the best PM so far.

    Any thoughts?

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