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    Japan - Five neighbors slain in 'Haiku killings', Mitake, 21-22 July 2013

    Setting on fire / Smoke gives delight / To a country fellow
    Japan: Hunt on for serial killer who leaves haiku clue. (Independent)
    Police in rural Japan are searching for a 63-year-old man suspected of having killed five people, burned down two houses and left behind a haiku poem as a clue, fixed to a window at the home of their chief suspect.
    There was no trace of the poem’s author, who has not been named. Two cars were still in his garage, however, and police began their manhunt in the woods around the village last night.
    Criminologist Jinsuke Kageyama told the Japan Times: “All of the victims must have been asleep when they were attacked… Even elderly people resist. It would have been difficult to strike them repeatedly only on the head.”
    According to the hamlet’s surviving residents, the man was known to be unfriendly and something of a troublemaker.
    Another resident of the village reportedly told police the haiku had been in the man’s window for some time. There had been a small fire at one victim’s home around five years ago, and another local house burned to the ground in 2011.
    much more at the link

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    From July 2015:


    A convicted Japanese murderer who left a haunting "haiku" poem behind after his grisly deeds was sentenced to death on Tuesday.

    The district court in south-western Yamaguchi prefecture handed down the sentence two years after Kosei Homi, 65, was arrested for killing five elderly residents in a tiny mountain hamlet.

    The victims, in their 70s and 80s - who reportedly represented about one-third of the community's population -- were battered to death.

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