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    AZ - Clifton Daily, 31, stabbed to death, Phoenix, 22 July 2013


    In the video, more than a half dozen people are seen leaving the home as Daily lays bleeding in the driveway. He struggles to stand up, and eventually collapses against a green car.

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    Totally at a loss for words here! How cold can people get?
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    Wow. Just wow.

    I saw a video the other day where a camera caught an elderly man on a bike being hit by a car (and killed - it was a hit-and-run). Two people saw it and casually walked over to the victim but not one person attempted to render any aid during the entire two (or so) minutes that the camera captured. I was shocked by that.

    This is OT but I'll tell it anyway. A few years ago, I was driving to work on a residential street. There was an elderly woman walking. She was crossing the street and as she tried to step back onto the sidewalk, she tripped and fell. There were at LEAST 10 cars in the same area as me that HAD to have seen her. Not a one person stopped to help, other than me.

    I'm losing faith in humanity.

    Justice for Travis

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    Couldn't find any further news coverage, but Arizona DOC says Morrison is serving 18 years for second degree murder:


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