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    Smile Twin Panda Cubs born in Atlanta- 24 hour live Panda Cam too :)

    Atlanta's beautiful panda, Lun Lun, has given birth to her 4th and 5th cubs and all are doing quite well.

    It is remarkable to see her care for her cubs on the 24 hour live Panda Cam on the ZooAtlanta.org site. If you see a blank wall, that means the staff are feeding Lun Lun and exchanging one cub for another. She takes care of them one at a time, per zoo protocol. Lots of great info about whether or not she realizes she HAS 2 new babies on the Zoo Atlanta website too.

    Here's a link to the sweetest animal cam live, IMO.

    If this wonderful dedicated mom, her professional staff ( a keeper from China is sleeping in the panda den on the floor next to her den every night), and the cute pink tiny cubs can't make you smile, then nothing will, IMO. LOVE the Atlanta pandas!!


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    The Atlanta Panda Cam is fun to watch, I usually check in once a day, but this Chinese Panda Cam is superb!


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    So adorable!
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    Atlanta zoo reveals possible names for panda cubs


    The winning names will be announced at a naming celebration Oct. 23 when the panda cubs are 100 days old, in accordance with Chinese tradition.

    Voting for the names will begin online next Wednesday through the website for ABC's "Good Morning America."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reader View Post
    Atlanta zoo reveals possible names for panda cubs


    i've been following them since their birth and am so enjoying watching them grow on the panda cam! How sweet!

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