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    MO - Sanitation workers find fetus in KC trash truck

    Police: Sanitation workers find baby in trash truck

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police have confirmed the body of an infant was found in the back of a trash truck Monday morning around 7:15.

    This is a developing story so keep following the link.

    Seriously that people think and treat babies like trash!

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    RIP Little One.

    How horrible!! Hopefully, since they had only been picking up trash for about an hour when the baby's body was discovered, they will be able to find a source of where the baby was dumped in the trash before too long.

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    I keep checking for updates and so far nothing.

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    Now calling the baby a fetus

    “It is believed this was a premature home birth,” police said, adding it was a boy. The race of the baby cannot be determined, the medical examiner said.

    RIP little one!

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