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    CA - Dena Ardell Russell, 20, Chico, 15 March 1976

    Just read a newspaper article about missing persons in Butte County, CA, and found the PDF link below, which lists quite a few MPs that I had not picked up from any other source. Am posting the ones I can't find a thread for on WS.

    (no photo available)

    (PDF file, scroll down to Page 3)

    Dena Russell was reported missing by her male housemate (boyfriend?), who stated he last saw her as she left the residence with another man on March 15, 1976. She was 20 years old with brown hair and hazel eyes, 5'4" tall and 120 pounds. She wore a turquoise ring and a necklace with coral stone(s).

    LE has found no trace of Dena since 1976; foul play is possible.
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    If anyone can dig up a photo please post it.

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    I found her. She is now Dena Ardell D------r. She lives in Salt Lake City. She and her husband were married in 1979 in Utah.

    It is not clear whether they are still married, but her father-in-law just passed away in March of this year. Dena's husband is mentioned on the obituary, though she is not.

    She is listed in PeopleFinders with the same DOB that is on her missing person flyer.
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    Good work! I wonder why she's still listed as "missing".
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    I just talked on the telephone with her husband. He says that she was estranged from her family for years, but had just made contact with them a couple of years ago. Apparently, nobody told the Butte County Sheriff's office.

    But I gave him the number of the Butte County tip hotline, and suggested that she contact them to close the missing person file. That way, they won't be contacted by researchers like us.

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    I just got an e-mail from Det. Rowdy Freeman of the Butte County Sheriff.

    Carl thanks to your help this case is closed. It was Dena Russell from our 1976 missing persons case. Good job!

    Thank You,

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    Thank you Carl.
    Media thread for Abby and Libby.


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    Wonderful work, Carl!
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