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    CA - Essie 'Marge' Hiett, 47, Oroville, 13 Feb 1978


    AKA: Marge, Steele

    Age: 47 years old
    Height/Weight: 5'5", 130 lbs

    White female. Brown hair; green eyes. Eyeglasses with photo gray lenses.

    She was wearing a green blouse with a female's facial image imprinted on the front, a Timex watch with a white metal extension band and a blue face, and sterling silver earrings. She also wore a white gold wedding ring set, which included an engagement ring with five embedded stones and a wedding band with six embedded stones, total weight one karat.

    Full dentures, no dental X-rays available.

    Birthmarks, Scars: A half-moon-shaped scar on her right temple near her hairline. Scars on both legs from a varicose vein removal operation. Pierced ears.

    Hiett was last seen leaving work at Rusty Jack's Bar in downtown Oroville on February 13, 1978, between 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. Her wrecked car was found in a ditch on Palermo-Honcut Road, with clothing and belongings scattered on the ground.

    Additional info from PDF file (scroll down to Page 4):

    Foul play is suspected.

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    On Ancestry.com there is an page for Essie Hiett and it states she died in March 1983 and one of the sources cites this

    U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-Current about M. Hiett
    Name: M. Hiett
    SSN: 549-40-1670
    Born: 18 Nov 1930
    Died: Mar 1983

    The Date of Birth is the same as the PDF link. As March 1983 is less than 7 years after her disappearance it would suggest she wasn't declared legally dead (if this entry is the same person). Whoever has helped create that page on their family tree for Essie has also included her birth records, marriage and divorce records. I'm not sure if there's any other way of checking against the SSN number if this would definitely be the same person?

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    The Social Security Death Index listing linked to Essie Margarette Hiett is for a Mary Hiett, not Essie.

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    Essie Margarette Brassart Hiett

    According to the 26 November 1980 issue of the Mountain Democrat (Placerville) detailing the Gallego trial, Gerald Gallego "reportedly lived in the area at the time" Hiett disappeared. The article also stated that she was a dealer in an Oroville card room.

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    Just noting another woman missing from Oroville around the same time as Essie.

    CA - Deborah Diane Owens, 24, Oroville, 19 November 1979

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    This website has more information on both women:


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    They think they're connected and an arrest has been made! They're holding him as a safe keeper in my county jail.

    ETA: more info. I'm new at this, sorry!
    Marvin Owens was arrested by the Keith County Sheriff's Office in Nebraska. Investigators have yet to determine the time frame for Marvin Owens' extradition from Nebraska back to Butte County.

    Investigators are looking into the possible connections between the disappearance of Deborah Owens and another missing and suspected deceased woman named Essie Margarette Hiett, who disappeared in February 1978.

    According to investigators Deborah Owens was reported missing on November 21, 1978. Marvin Owens left their residence and said Deborah was at home when he left on the morning of November 19, 1978. Deborah had a prior history of leaving the house for short periods of time but always remained in contact with her children. Deborah has not been seen or heard from since and her remains have never been found.

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    Marvin Owens (mentioned in #7) pleaded guilty to killing his wife but the odd thing is that he was then said to be helping with the Hiett case, but as someone who knows the suspect rather than as a suspect (http://www.chicoer.com/article/NA/20...NEWS/150319702). Rather surprisingly, having been ruled out as a suspect, there seems to have been no further developments from his 'help'.

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