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    CA - Deborah Owens, 24, Oroville, 19 Nov 1978 *M. Owens guilty*


    Deborah was last seen at home in Oroville by her husband, who reported her missing two days later. LE believes foul play is involved.

    Deborah was 5' tall and 100 pounds, with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a scar on her abdomen. Dental info is available; DNA and FPs currently are not.

    There is a discrepancy on Deborah's last seen date; the Butte County Sheriff's Department has the year as 1978 instead of 1979 on this PDF file listing all the county's MPs (scroll down to Page 5):


    All other websites with Deborah's info that I could find show the year as 1979 but, if she did in fact go missing in 1978, it could make a big difference in trying to match her with unidentified remains. Just thought I should point that out.

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    Oroville is a pretty small town. The current population is about 15K. I think it's worth noting that another woman went missing from Oroville in 1978.

    CA - Essie Margarette Hiett, 47, Oroville, 13 February 1978

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    According to a news release from the Butte County Sheriff's office, Marvin Owens has long been suspected of killing Deborah and disposing of her body.

    Former Butte County Sheriff Perry Reniff has been working on cold case homicides in Butte County and spearheaded this case. As a result of this investigation, the Butte County District Attorney has filed a felony arrest warrant charging Marvin Owens, now 62, with the murder of his wife, Deborah Owens...

    Investigators are looking into the possible connections between the disappearance of Deborah Owens and another missing and suspected deceased woman named Essie Margarette Hiett, who disappeared in February 1978.

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    Evidence has been recovered from the couple's Oroville home, said Butte County Sheriff's Sgt. Jason Hail, who declined to elaborate.

    He said that investigators also conducted fresh interviews with the couple's daughters, who were raised by Owens and are now adults. "It was important for us to talk to them about things told to them as they grew up about their mom," Hail said. "That's certainly a factor in all of this."

    Owens is expected to appear Friday in a Keith County courtroom, said Hail, who hopes the suspect will soon be extradited to California to face murder charges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bessie View Post
    Oroville is a pretty small town. The current population is about 15K. I think it's worth noting that another woman went missing from Oroville in 1978.

    CA - Essie Margarette Hiett, 47, Oroville, 13 February 1978
    Indeed, and from the article most recently posted it appears investigators are all over it.

    "He [Butte County D.A., Michael Ramsey] said investigators are also looking at connections between associates of Owens and the disappearance of another woman, Essie Margarette Hiett, who vanished in the same year"

    Bold print added by me for emphasis. - I'm very interested to learn more about these associates of Owens.
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    Man pleads guilty in wife's death 36 years ago

    former Oroville man has admitted responsibility for the death and disappearance of his wife 36 years ago.

    In court Thursday, Marvin Owens, 62, pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter in connection with the 1978 death and disappearance of his wife Deborah in Oroville. Deborah Owens' body was never found. She was 23 years old when she went missing from the couple's home on Ridge Crest Drive in November 1978.

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    CA - Deborah Diane Owens, 24, Oroville, 19 November 1978


    2845DFCA - Deborah Diane Owens

    Name: Deborah Diane Owens
    Case Classification: Endangered Missing
    Missing Since: November 19, 1978
    Location Last Seen: Oroville, Butte County, California

    Physical Description

    Date of Birth: May 1, 1955
    Age: 24 years old
    Race: White
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Distinguishing Marks/Features: Scar on her abdomen.


    Dentals: Available
    Fingerprints: Not Available
    DNA: Available

    Clothing & Personal Items

    Clothing: Unknown
    Jewelry: Unknown
    Additional Personal Items: Unknown

    Circumstances of Disappearance

    Deborah Diane Owens was last seen at her home around 8:30 A.M., on November 19, 1979 in Oroville by her husband. He reported her missing two days later.
    On March 19, 2015, Deborah's husband, Marvin Gail Owens, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in her death. Owens admitted that he strangled Deborah during an argument on November 19, 1978. He claimed to have buried her body in a shallow grave near the Oroville Wildlife Area. To date, her remains have not been recovered.
    Investigating Agency(s)

    Agency Name: Butte County Sheriff's Department
    Agency Contact Person: Det. Rowdy Freeman
    Agency Phone Number: 530-538-7321
    Agency E-Mail: N/A
    Agency Case Number: 7825454

    NCIC Case Number: Unknown
    NamUs Case Number: 17682

    Information Source(s)

    ChicoER News

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    I wonder if they have tried using Cadaver dogs to find her remains? Thanks for posting Romulus.
    Media thread for Abby and Libby.


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