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    IL - Woman helps nab man who tried to abduct girl, 12

    I don't know if this is the right place for this story...Mods, please place it correctly if I didn't. This is good news!!


    Betty Brewer had just made a stop for cigarettes at her Rogers Park grocery when she noticed a frightened 12-year-old girl talking to the cashier.

    "Can I stay here for a little while?" the girl asked after buying a freeze pop Sunday afternoon, according to Brewer. "There's a man who says he's taking me home."


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    Good job Betty Brewer!

    I'm glad she confronted the pervert and got his plate number. Lots of people would have just walked on by. MOO

    You know, I was just thinking that this is how Ariel Castro got all three of the girls he kept as prisoners all those years. No telling what this creep would have done.

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    Love this. Thank you Betty!

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    Wonderful to hear a happy ending for a change! Thank goodness that girl spoke up, and thank goodness Betty listened!!

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    What an awesome woman! Go, her!
    I'm glad the wannabe-abductor was caught & charged.

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    YAY!!!!! Great Job!!!

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