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    GA - Atlanta -- Homeowner shoots two teens that kick down door

    The "children" pulled up in a stolen car and then proceeded to kick in the back door of the home at which point the homeowner opened fire.

    Authorities said three teenagers went to a home on Donna Way in Lithonia with plans to break in. A 15-year-old and a 14-year-old knocked on the door. When no one answered, police say they went to the back and broke in.

    The homeowner was not injured. Police said no charges will be filed against him.


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    Who is calling them children? 14 and 15 with a stolen car breaking and entering. Punks are lucky they are not dead.

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    Well, this article really emphasizes the word "children" even "children's" hospital. Children don't break in homes but if they do, then they deserve what they got. Children like these can kill you just as dead as if they were adults. Baby rattlesnakes have more venom than grown rattlesnakes.

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    I don't see anything about children. I see the word teens which is what they are. Teens do rob and kill people ,sadly.
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    Neighbors said that the home had been burglarized before.
    That always helps the cause imo. Want to bet the parents try to sue?
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