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    Baby shark found on subway train


    Whether it was the last remnant of the Sharknado frenzy or an unintentional plug for Shark Week, an unexpected passenger had a group of New York City subway riders sensing something was fishy on Wednesday.

    A dead shark was found on the Queens-bound N train by passengers, resulting in the car being evacuated in order to dispose of the fish out of water.
    Riders were ordered off the train car at Queensboro Plaza before the train traveled to the end of the line and the shark carcass was put in a garbage bag and placed in the trash. The shark was approximately 18 inches long and was still wet when it was found. The train, which originated on Surf Avenue in Coney Island, was then inspected and returned to service, according to the MTA.
    Some passengers began posing with the shark, adding props like a soda can and a cigarette to the animal, one subway rider told CNN. Metropolitan Transportation Authority spokesperson Kevin Ortiz also had some fun with the shark sighting.
    The above post is as always MY OPINION ONLY!

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    It probably wanted to go to Coney Island and got on the wrong train.

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