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    MI - Clyde Twp, Skeletal remains in Mill Creek, Aug'13 - *RELIC*

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    Looks to be a shot to the head. Yikes.

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    Don't take my word for this - I am not an anthropologist, so I might be entirely wrong.

    With only a single straight-on view of the skull, I am not entirely sure of the race and gender, but it appears to me to be a black female.

    I am saying female due to the sharp upper boundries of the orbits, and a non-robust overall appearance.

    I am saying black based on the broad nasal aperture, broad bridge of the nose.

    There isn't a good enough view of the cranial sutures, and no teeth to estimate age.

    I wish there were a few different views of the skull that were more close-up. I could be more sure.

    My first guess would be I'sha Grier.


    She also has the same broad cheekbones as does this skull. ETA - And when I overlay the images, her facial shape fits the skull quite well.

    But she has been missing only five months, so I don't know though, whether she has been missing long enough to be that completely skeletonized.
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    Quote Originally Posted by longtallcold View Post
    According to Trooper Krebs via the Missing in Michigan Facebook page, "the remains have been deemed "ancient" and non-forensic in nature."

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    Michigan likes to call Relic alot it seems............

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