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    Mar 2009

    'X-Men' actress's apartment broken into; creepy 1950s doll book left by bed

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    Aug 2009
    weird ...

    I'd be moving STAT

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    Mar 2009
    Disturbing, certainly. Goes beyone mere WTH? and arrives at WTF?

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    Nov 2008
    I actually have that book! Bought it for my daughter when she was little. Hmmm.

    ETA: It wasn't me!

    Justice For Caylee So sue me CA!

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    At the climax of the story, the senior of the two bears (Mr. Bear), administers a stinging spanking to Edith's little doll bottom, as punishment for her having made a mess with make-up. After he spanks her, the bear promises Edith that, even though she is naughty, he will never leave her, which makes this book the perfect gift to give to someone you love
    For sale in the stalker section of the bookstore near you...

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