Emergency dispatchers first received a call of a neighbor dispute at 2:54 a.m. at a townhome at 10929 Barrington Ct., according to Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil.
Investigators said a woman called 911 saying her neighbor, 59-year-old Gary Roell, was breaking into her back window.
Neil said three deputies arrived at the scene and tried to take Roell into custody. Roell was naked from the waist down, according to the deputies.
The sheriff said Roell resisted the deputies and punched one of them in the face. The incident soon became a four-way scuffle and one of the deputies used a Taser to bring Roell under control. Neil said Roell was struck by the Taser barb in his "backside."
Chief Deputy Mark Schoonover said deputies determined that Roell wasn’t breathing minutes after taking him into custody. Schoonover said a deputy performed CPR on Roell before rescue crews could arrive to take him to Bethesda North Hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

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The sheriff said as deputies investigated the incident, they found that the surrounded area had sustained significant damage. Neil said deputies found windows broken on nearby vehicles, damage to landscaping, and found landscaping inside mailboxes near the scene.
Neil described the incident as “out of character” for a mature 59-year-old. He said when deputies entered the man’s home, they found it in a state of disarray.
Roell’s son, Gary Roell Jr., spoke with 9 On Your Side’s Shannon Kettler about his father’s death.
Roell Jr. said his dad suffered from mental illness for the last 30 years and that he had recently stopped taking his medication.
"My dad was a very kind man, but off his meds plagued with delusional thoughts," Roell said. "Part of his illness was he didn't want to be on medication."

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He said his father volunteered at the church when he was on his medication and that his mother was working with his father to get him to take his medication as prescribed.

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